How to fully utilize your internet

Live Internet to the fullest

Internet, Food, Water and Shelter are the basic necessities for a Human life. A Life without internet is unimaginable and is something worse than our worst nightmares. It’s almost like we were living in a stone age until Internet occupied our day-to-day life influencing everything we do. If Big Bang is the very start of the world then Internet is the very start of a world making more sense and worth living. The Internet is a revolutionary force that helps our world rotate more easily than before. The real wonder is being capable of trapping that revolutionary force in our homes that entirely modifies the way we live.

Let’s imagine you have finally managed to trap that force in your house and wondering what to do with that? You are too much worried about wasting most of that month’s data without knowing how to fully utilize it as all you know is to use skype and scroll feeds on Facebook. Then this article is totally dedicated to you. The Internet is a dish that deserves to be devoured aggressively just like a hungry lion tearing the flesh of its prey. Make sure you did not leave even a grain on the plate. Here we provide a list of things that help draining the data and enlightening you with all the wonders internet can offer.

1) First of all, Social Networking is not confined just to Facebook and Instagram. There are lot other interesting social media sites you are yet to explore and have missed all these years. Have you ever heard about DIGG? Don’t say you know nothing about PERISCOPE! How about a glass of VINE? By this time you must have realized how many things you have missed in your Internet life. Here is a list of some popular social media sites apart from Facebook and Twitter. Get ready to explore more interesting things a social media site can offer.

2) Online gaming has been taken to the next level with the revolutionary mobile games like Clash of clans, 8 ball pool and so on. There are people who don’t play these games just for entertainment but passionate about it. And it’s no sin to try these form of time-killers if you had not tried yet. After all, you have got a plenty of internet and you deserve this kind of occasional funs. Explore the marvelous world of online gaming. Here is the list of popular Online gaming sites if you made your mind to have some fun.

3) The Internet is not all about Fun. It’s a great teacher with plenty of resources to feed you with the knowledge you seek. Starting with the millions of tutorials Youtube has to offer to the sites like Wikihow, How stuffs work etc., that provide answers for practically everything. They have been a great tutor to millions who are determined to learn new things. Use your internet effectively and devour all the knowledge you can. Knowledge is infinite and the internet is the key to that infinite.

4) It’s alright if you had not watched Game of Thrones yet. But what about Big bang theory? Do not tell you have never heard about Netflix.  It’s the repository of entertainment. You stream videos and live life to the fullest. There are many streaming video services that offer fascinating TV shows one must watch in her/his lifetime. A report says that nearly 99 million people have subscribed Netflix’s streaming services. There must be something in it right. Then why are you not in that 99 million? It’s never too late. Here is a list of trending streaming video services you must know about.,review-2625.html

5) Make hay while the sun shines and Download while the data remains. There are things that deserve to be on your mobile phone or laptop rather than being online. The things you download are visible proofs of how you satisfactorily utilized your Internet. So stop hesitating and start downloading the things you love not only for you but also for your loved ones.

The Internet has a unlimited number of things to offer. It’s totally up to you to enjoy everything it has to provide. You can do a lot more other than the things provided in this article. After all, It is your data. So Live the Internet to the fullest.