About Us

How we revolutionised Broadband in Lucknow


Tachyon Broadband, an internet service provider based in the city of Lucknow, provides speedy internet services to households and enterprises. Tachyon Broadband is here to provide you the competitive advantage of a young, efficient and technically equipped team. At Tachyon we promise to offer you maximum fun, maximum efficiency, maximum happiness. Tachyon’s young and efficient team works round the clock to provide you uninterrupted and consistent internet speeds ranging from 10-200 Mbps.

Our fiber to the Home technology ensures freedom from annoying primitive broadband speeds. The revolutionary fiber technology helps to defeat common problems that customers face, while trying to browse the internet, such as speed, signal fluctuation, frequency interference, etc. These features will give you an unparalleled surfing experience.

We have committed enormous resources in the city of Lucknow to lay optical fiber cables from our central point to each and every street in Lucknow from where we ensure connectivity at unimaginable speeds to your home or your business at your doorstep. Our optical fiber broadband services can deliver speeds up to 200 megabits (Mbps) per second, which are 10 times faster than conventional services.

Our Vision

Tachyon was founded with the vision to revolutionize internet consumption in Lucknow. We at Tachyon are firm believers in the Digital India programme which aims to digitally empower people and transform us into a knowledge economy. We aim to someday provide broadband to maximum households in Lucknow, cutting across imaginary lines drawn to divide people on the basis of class. Tachyon intends to bring latest technologies like GPON – which can support internet speeds of upto 1 gigbyte per second.

Our Mission

Tachyon is working day and night to develop a comprehensive network that is not only fast, but also reliable. We work to provide people the tools that will make them more informed and aware. We listen carefully to our customers’ issues and needs to search out innovative technology and proven methods that will help them succeed online

“Everything you can imagine is possible”

Hemant Arora – Managing Director

Why Us?

Tachyon is a young and growing enterprise backed by one of the oldest and trusted cable TV and broadband service providers in Lucknow — Manoranjan Cable Tv Network. Our dynamic team combined with Manoranjan’s experience has helped us achieve unrealistic goals in a short span of time. Tachyon’s constant efforts have also been reflected upon by some of our loyal customers like Uttar Pradesh State Medical Faculty, Avas Vikas Parishad and Lebua Hotel.  

Our aim is to become the most technologically innovative internet service providers with core competence and zero compromises on speed and quality. We have a special focus on providing high speeds to multiple devices simultaneously.

Tachyon has developed a customer friendly internal organization to minimize delays and ensure efficient, apt and speedy services all across Lucknow. Tachyon Broadband recognizes the need of having a technically sound, amiable and dedicated team available for our customers at their convenience. To ensure that we deliver, we have a separate team dealing with customer service that is available at all times- 24 x 7 to cater to needs of customer that can arise anytime, anywhere. So you can be at peace knowing you have the Tachyon Support 24×7